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RRR Paint Contracting has a professional team led by a veteran painter, and provides many painting services – exterior painting, interior painting, drywall repair, deck staining and more.

Established by Robert Rozean, RRR Paint Contracting provides quality services with a paint crew that is excellent at their craft, hard working, and honest. Our fairly priced packages and services have earned us the loyalty of our customers – let us know what we can do to add you to our growing number of customers!

Questions about Painting for Residential or Commercial?

See answers to our frequently asked interior and exterior painting questions, or ask your own! We're happy to help with your next project.

Below, you can see some of the questions that we are asked often with accompanying answers.

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Does furniture need to be moved before the painters arrive?

RRR Paint Contracting routinely works this into their bids. For interior work, we ask clients to remove fragile trinkets and the like from the space. When we arrive, we move furnishings to the center of the room and cover them with plastic and dropcloths. We then tape off fixtures, etc. and appliances that cannot be moved.


Do you offer non-toxic paint options?

There are no truly “non-toxic” commercial paint options, however there are Low VOC options, among others.

RRR Paint Contracting does offer this option and is happy to discuss the performance and cost differences with you. In our locale, we are known as “The Green Painter,” and do our best to practice environmental responsibility at all levels of our profession!

For varying reasons, low-toxin and VOC options may not suit your project needs. As an alternative, RRR Paint Contracting offers ozone treatments as an option to remove airborne fumes, etc. once your project is complete.


Can I buy the paint to be used myself?

Some customers request to purchase the paint themselves. This is fine with us, but not always advantageous for you. As an active paint contractor, we often receive a discount of up to 30% on the paints we purchase.

Another thing to consider is if your surface “drinks up” the paint more than expected and thus causing a need for more paint than was expected, the cost for additional paint is paid for by the contractor unless the customer has contracted to purchase the paint.

Painters rely on their knowledge of coverage per square foot. However, this is often unpredictable. For instance, n otherwise seemingly “average” wall may be more porous than expected and require more product to effectively cover it.

If you are so inclined, you can always verify that the labels on the paint buckets match the store receipt.

If you still want to purchase the paint yourself, ask the painter to give you a bid for the labor portion of the job and materials separately.

  • In this case, you pay the painter for the labor, peripheral supplies, equipment usage, etc.
  • The painter informs you on how much paint you need to supply, based largely on the square footage of your project (however, several other important considerations factor in).
  • Note: Not all products are created equal - yes, when it comes to quality - but also when it comes to spread rates!

One advantage of purchasing the paint yourself is that the paint store will typically track your purchase history and then can look it up for you years later when you need to touch-up. Most paint contractors simply cannot keep track of this for you. RRR, is the exception: RRR Paint Contracting keeps meticulous notes on each project indefinitely!

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